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Rates and Policies

Effective  - January 1, 2018


Monday through Saturday  7 am - 6 pm


Guests checking out after noon Monday through Saturday will incur a daycare charge. 


Dogs - $30.00 per night

Cats - $18.00 per night

Two dogs in same room - $50.00

Neiman Barkus - $60.00 ( 2 dogs)

Fur Seasons - $65.00 ( 2 dogs)

Sampson Suite - $70 ( 2 dogs) $90 (3 dogs)


$18.00 per day per dog

$75.00 for a 5 day package per dog

Drop Off: 7 am to 9 am

Pick up: 4 pm to 6 pm

Reservations are not confirmed until the room has been reserved with a credit card. 

Cancellation Policy

Boarding reservations require 72 hours notice prior to check in to receive a refund

Daycare reservations require 24 hours notice prior to check in to receive a refund

We do not accept destructive animals.

Damage Liability - If an animal damages their room, client will be charged for repairs. 

Vet Records. Up to date records must be presented by email prior to arrival or at the time of check in.


If an animal shows any signs of illness upon arrival or during stay, owner or emergency contact will be asked to pick up their animal. Illness includes but are not limited to vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, fleas, ticks,  and parasites. 

Owners are required to bring their own food for their pets to avoid digestion issues. 

All food and medications must be labeled with pet name and directions. 

What vaccinations are required?




If you are a new client who has been referred to our company by a current client, please let us know who! They will receive either one FREE day of daycare, OR $15 off their next boarding reservation!