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Loki's Lounge ( Daycare)

Cuddle Castle

The Cuddle Castle Room was designed specifically with small dogs and/or shy dogs in mind. These rooms offer more of a den like feeling creating a sense of security without restricting the view.  

Cuddle Castle Suites, a quiet place for your dog

Ruff Housin

The Ruff Housin Room offers more of a social setting for your dog, Dogs that like to ruff house will like this room for its expanded views and room to play. 


Ruff Housin Room, dog boarding

Ruff Housing Room, dog boardingRuff Housing Room, dog boarding

The Neiman Barkus Suite

The Neiman Barkus is a private 8' by 12' suite perfect for the Extra Large dogs in your life or several members of the same family. The suite features a sofa or extra large dog beds and a private television. 

Ruff Housing Room, dog boarding

*******Please note we only take house trained dogs*******

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate 

destructive guests

Rooms sizes available are:

3.5' by 5' 

4' by 6'

4' by 10'

6' by 8'

8' by 12'

All of our suites feature: 

We welcome anyone who wants to take a tour of our facilities, but please call to set up an appointment as this is also our home. 

The Great Outdoors - 

Our guests enjoy lots of romping around in our large landscaped, fenced yard. Deer, geese, wild turkeys, red fox and horses are just a few of the critters our guests can safely sneak a peak at, not to mention the other dogs! A portion of our yard is also covered so guests who don't like the rain can still be comfortable. Just down the street is a Birding Trail we frequent with our guests.  

Daycare regulars Einstein, Picolla and Bella Luna take a breather

Ruff Housing Room, dog boarding

Bailey and Bella Luna give the Agility course a test run!


Full time residents Samson and Angus check out the Ruff Housin below!          

deck pic