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Daycare Information

We also offer Doggie Daycare! Currently we offer daycare Tuesday through Thursday, but depending on availability we may be able to offer daycare on other days as well. You must reserve a space for you dog in daycare as we book up very quickly. 

Drop Off: 7:00 - 9:00 am

Pick Up: 4:00 - 6:00 pm

Meet the dogs in our program!

My name is Dixie. My favorite things to do are play with my boyfriend Rocky and fetch the ball. My tippy ears are precious and I am so sweet!

My name is Ginger and I won Ms. Congeniality for 2013! I am the friendliest pup you will ever meet and I often help make the new dogs feel at home!

I am a happy girl and my name is Kaiya. I am an Elkhound/ Akita mix and I am very, very fast. 

My name is Floyd. I just completed Basic Obedience and I am such a good boy! 

My name is Rogue. I am the newest addition to the Woof Pack. 


My name is Molly! I love everyone and I run like the wind!!!

Hi, my name is Boone. I come with Molly. She is my best friend. We love to play together!

Hi! My name is Monty and I am very sweet. I love Greta - she is my bestie!

Hi my name is Abby! My big brother is Monty. He told me daycare was fun....he was right!

Hey there, my name is Mayzie. I come to daycare with my brother and we have a great time!

My name is Watson. I am a new addition to daycare as I am just a puppy. Mayzie is my older sister and she showed me the ropes!

My name is Bellatrix. I love chasing huskies. I am a very sweet girl!

My name is Oso. I am one of the huskies Bellatrix likes to chase! I am fast and I love Tessie puppy:)

I am Oskar! I came to daycare to work on social skills and I am much more brave now!

My name is Boudreaux and I am Kaiya's brother.  I really love coming here with my sister. I also really love snacks!

My name is Kalidah. I am one of the smaller doggies in the group. I love playing with the big dogs though!

Hi I am Mollie. I am a Canine Good Citizen! love daycare and my cat friends at home!

My name is Elton! My  big brother Ren is a service dog and he has been coming to Woof Pack a long time. I am happy to be older enough to come now too!

I am Greta! I moved here from Florida and I have a great time! Monty is my favorite dog!

Hello! My name is Brooklyn and I am a very happy girl. I love carrying things around in my mouth and playing with my friends!

Orson - I just recently started daycare and I was a little nervous at first. Everyone is very nice to me though and now I am wide open and very excited to come!

Ruby - I am a Bernese Mountain dog puppy!!! I am full of energy and love. 

My name is Tessie! I am one of the youngest, but fastest in the group. I love Elton and Oso and everyone loves me:)

My name is Duchess! I am a Canine Good Citizen and Therapy dog. I am the sweetest girl you would ever meet. 

My name is Johnny and I am working on socialization. I am very smart and love to fetch the ball!

My name is Luna and I love to run and jump around. I have been coming for a while as a lodge guest and I am excited to be part of the daycare program now!

Hi! My name is Stella and I am as sweet as they come. I bonded with Tessie puppy immediately and I love to run and wag my tail!